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a passionate storyteller,

a somewhat documenter.

but ultimately--

a devoted wife,

and a defensive mother.


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.



i wonder how you got here. i wonder what you were thinking when you consciously clicked on that button hoping to know about 'her'. how did you find me here?

because truth be told, this section is the longest part of the site's construction. i mean, how can you simplify a 35 years of life into one concise paragraph about me. i don't even know how to begin, let alone to decide which part is important to highlight and which phase are not worth mentioning. for each and every point on my lifeline makes the very core of me.

who am i really?

you coming here-- which fynn jamal are you looking for actually?

the motherly figure you see on instagram? the writer ranting on facebook? the once singer/songwriter celebrated in her country? the once actress you watched on theatres? the classmate you have in your postgraduate lectures? the person you emailed when you had nowhere to go with the baby in your belly?

i am everything as i am much nothing.

i am who you want me to be;

a friend, a listener, a reference, a nagger.


for whatever;

i am here. 

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